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Hello and thanks for landing on 69hemi.com. Here I have started a web page years ago to show the restoration of a 1969 Dodge Charger 426 Hemi R/T car. The car went from being totally trashed to a #1 restoration. Along the way we picked up a 1968 Roadrunner from the original owner and did a frame-up resto on that car and it is pretty neat. The newest section deals with the total resto of a 1969 Plymouth GTX.

Throughout this site I will cover the many aspects and how-tos of a restoration and offer advice through words and pictures to make your restoration a little easier. I am not saying there are not other ways to do things I just offer the way I did them.

So if you like Hemi's, Chargers Roadrunners and GTX's just click on the picture of the Mopar you want to learn about and you will be taken to that car.


If you ever have any questions regarding any of the restorations just click on the Flamin' Mailbox and I will get back to you. To see sources of Mopar and other information check out our Links page featuring direct links to over a hundred great car sites.